15. Dezember 2016


African_Mines_002,  200 x 200 cm
African_Mines, 160 x 200 cm. Framed Diasec-Print

As an aerial photographer I am working on the Aerial Views project since 2010,with the intention to show the impact of humans on the surface of earth.

While capturing out of helicopters and little planes, my wish often had been 
to go higher to have a wider overview over the location.
The possibility to work with satellite imagery enabled me to create imagery 
out of a view which is higher than the altitude limits of a helicopter.

These Images of mines in Botswana, Angola and Niger, where Diamonds, Nickel and Uranium are extracted, are fascinating for me in their enormous richness of detail, especially when you see them printed in big formate, and when you look at them as whole piece with their structures and patterns, reminding on abstract paintings.