13. Juli 2017

New Aerial Views Project „AERIAL VIEWS FISH FARMS“

Photographed out of a helicopter in Greece, June 2017.
I have been captivated seeing from above the surreal looking arrangements of the different shaped nets and cages.The strange, ovoid enclosures appeared like abstract geometric designs.

Intensive mass animal farming on the sea might be one way to help feeding the growing world population. On the other hand there are issues in fish farming which are quite controversial like feeds, diseases and parasites, use of strong antibiotic drugs, …

20. Juni 2017


Flying over Manila and photographing out of a helicopter for my project AERIAL VIEWS MANILA OVERPOPULATION in February 2017, I saw many motives at the Harbour and the area around Manila where the fishers work.  


23. März 2017

Cooperation with Swiss fashion house AKRIS

Image „AV_Adria_030“ of my Aerial Views Adria Series is carried out in several designs of the new Akris punto spring/summer 2017 collection.

Creative Director Albert Kriemler, who has spearheaded fashion design at Akris for over 30 years, creates subtle, sleek and modern aesthetic.

A Fine Art Print of „AV_Adria_030“ (Size A: 100 x 150cm) of my Aerial Views Edition is currently exhibited at the Akris boutique in Munich, Residenzstraße 6.

For Fine Art Print requests please contact: mail@bernhardlang.de

28. Februar 2017


Having about 23 millions inhabitants Manila, Capitol of the Philippines, is one of the biggest metropolitan regions on the planet.
About the half of its population lives in extremely densely populated Slums and Squatter Camps.

Seen from above it get’s visible how close those cottages and scanty housings are compressed against each other with their varicolored rooftops.

Manila shows, like the other Megacities the excrescences of overpopulation.
Nearly 7.5 billion people are living on the planet today. The United Nations expect a consistent growth, which might lead to nine billion in 2050 and eleven billion human beings in 2100.